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– All calendar dates on this website are, unless specified otherwise, on the Catholic Christian Gregorian Common Era calendar.

  • The Tahir Buruj Trust is comprised of three independent organs (the Tahir Buruj Academy, Tahir Buruj Foundation and Tahir-Buruj Hifzul Quran Institute), one autonomous organ (the Tahir Buruj Executive Global Council*) and a Board of Trustees & Appointors. A common demonym for entities (“non-natural persons”) and natural persons a part of and/or associated with the Tahir Buruj family is Qavloical.

*the Qavloical Council is also known as the Tahir Buruj Executive Global Council, Tahir Buruj Organization, Tahir Buruj Executive Council and Qavloical Authority. Click here to learn more about the Qavloical Authority.