The Qavloical Judicial Court was established by the 34th Sovereign of the Qavloical People as a fully independent and secular tribunal under the laws of the Qavloical Authority.

The sources of law (in sequential hierarchy from highest to lowest) recognized by the Qavloical Judicial Court and, subsequently, the Qavloical Authority are as follows:

  • customary international law, the
  • Roman/Latin principles of mos maiorum in context of the
    customs of the Rasūlid dynasty, and
  • internal law (including Directive rulings and Royal decrees)
    whereas the term “internal law” is defined by the Vienna
    Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969 CE).

The Qavloical Judicial Court, in accordance to its Basic Law and its Basic Code respectively, has established the Qavloical Royal Court under a Basic Accord. The Qavloical Royal Court has jurisdiction in relation to all matrimonial relationships concerning the Qavlocial People.