Birth registration with the Qavloical Authority is no longer a requirement to apply for a Tahir Buruj laissez-passer and, as a result, is no longer registrable. If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended for you to register a Tahir Buruj laissez-passer for yourself as well as, if applicable, all your partners/spouses and all your legal dependents. Although the Flag State administration of the Qavloical Authority is formally defunct, all Qavloical National Registered Agents have the right to register vessels and vehicles under the Qavloical National Registered Agent Act of the Qavloical Authority.

The Qavoical International Affairs Committee (QIAC), currently, does not accept any unsolicited requests and applications for registrations in regards to the Tahir Buruj laissez-passer.

Click here to access the application document for registration to become a citizen of the Qavloical Authority.

Click here to view a sample successful application document for registration to become a citizen of Qavloical Authority.

Each and every citizen of the Qavloical Authority is a national of the Qavloical Authority and eligible to receive a Qavloical National Identification Number (NIN) and a Tahir Buruj laissez-passer.